Saturday, August 21, 2010

Yeah, but does he/she have THIS?

Do you need to buy for a camera/photographer geek friend who has everything? Really? Does he/she own a coffee or beverage mug that looks like a Canon L series lens? I didn't think so.

The photo above (not mine) is not made up; it's a real beverage mug, made to look like a Canon L series lens (it even lists the real Canon 24-105mm lens parameters) and is for sale at an online site called Photojojo, which has lots of other novelty items like this.

The link I provided takes you to the page with the lens mug offer ($24 if you need to know before you actually check it out). As Photojojo describes it, "Our lens mug runneth over with camera-geek joy."

If you click on the Photojojo logo at the top of the page of the link provided here, or just click here, you'll go to the store's home page where you can start to browse the full catalog.

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