Friday, March 12, 2010

Troupe performs, no legs broken!

On Wednesday, March 3, I had the opportunity to shoot a dress rehearsal for theCollective, a new theater troupe in Indianapolis. They presented six one-act plays on romantic agony and ecstasy titled "Love Bites," their second production (the first, presented late last year, was "No Exit").

The rehearsal and only show, two nights later, were at Locals Only Art and Music Pub at 56th Street and Keystone Avenue. The lighting at Locals Only presented some challenges for photographing. The fastest shutter I could use, using an f/2.8 lens and drawing the ISO ceiling at 6400, was 1/125, and I couldn't even get that all the time.

These images were from that shoot; all but the last are of troupe members during the performance. The guy in the Thriller-like outfit sat quite motionless near the pub door. My guess is that he was the bouncer.

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