Saturday, February 6, 2010

Living Proof lays down the footage ...
and the groove ... at Athenaeum

The seven-piece Indianapolis R&B band Living Proof had a big night last Saturday (Jan. 30) at the Athenaeum Theatre in downtown Indianapolis. In the early evening, the band got together to record a video of the title track from their second album, "Feel Good Music." Then after an hour and a half or so break, the theater opened the doors to let the fans inside for the three-hour show. The images you see in this post are from the first hour of that show. I also took images from the video recording and the interlude before the show, which you can check out at my Living Proof concert gallery.

On the two previous evenings, Thursday and Friday (Jan. 28-29), Living Proof recorded footage at Jillian's in downtown Indianapolis and the Lakehouse Tavern in Noblesville to compile its second Colts Super Bowl video, "Scream Ya Necks Off (GO HORSE)!" The band had recorded its first Colts video, "Superbowl Sway," in 2006 when the Colts went to their first Super Bowl since coming to Indianapolis in 1984. Both of the songs are original compositions.

The band has upcoming shows tonight at the Ale Emporium, 8617 Allisonville Road, Indianapolis; next Friday night (Feb. 12) at That Place, 8810 S. Emerson Ave.., just north of Greenwood; and Feb. 19 at the Moon Dog Tavern, 4825 E. 96th St., Indianapolis.

Above: Living Proof band members (from left) Teddy Patterson, Larry Beiswenger, Jessica Patterson, Gary McCreary, Leonard Patterson, Jeff Libby and Marc Latney.

Above: Jessica and Leonard Patterson, in dance mode during a hopping R&B number.

Above: Leonard Patterson on vocals.

Above: Keyboardist Jeff Libby.

Above: Bass player Marc Latney.

Above: Drummer Gary McCreary.

Above: Jessica Patterson emotes during a solo.

Above: Teddy Patterson put down his saxophone to pace the groove and contribute vocals for this number.

Above: Trumpet player Larry Beiswenger.

Above: The lighting included a roving blue strobe, and the effects include periodic smoke, so it was challenging to see if I could get a good saturation of blue smoke into a frame. From left: Larry Beiswenger, Teddy Patterson, Jessica Patterson, Leonard Patterson and Marc Latney.
Above: Teddy Patterson got another chance to be up front in a number, acting out the song thread while the groove pounded behind him.

Above: Not long after the show started, there was a waiting line of people trying to get -- but unable to because of the theater's audience capacity restrictions. These folks did manage to get in, but were standing at the uppermost level of the tiered seating, looking down at the stage.

To see images from the video shooting and others from the live performance, visit the Living Proof concert folder at my online gallery by following this link: Living Proof.

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