Sunday, November 29, 2009

Things maybe not to try in a portrait?

Since I mentioned portraiture in my last post, I thought visitors here might enjoy a smile -- or even a chuckle -- at an attraction at the AOL homepage (which I believe is accessible to even non-members). It's a photo feature on poses that families might want to avoid when sitting for a formal portrait.

On the other hand ... perhaps if you have a family in which ALL of its members have great senses of humor (and/or absolutely no shame), one might look at these and applaud the raw nerve they had to allow these to be permanently recorded!

I'm torn between the all-mullet look and bunny ears as my favorite, although ... the no-smile duo at the end and the Lost in Space motif certainly are contenders! Oh ... make sure you read the smart-ass captions under each picture; they're half the fun.

Click on the link below ... and enjoy:

Awkward family photos

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