Thursday, October 22, 2009

Downtown's autumn skyline

A walk down East Street near Lockerbie Square revealed some interesting combinations and juxtapositions in the Indianapolis skyline. None was more fascinating than the autumnal touch above, from trees on the eastern fringe of Lockerbie Square, to the St. Mary's Catholic Church spires flanking the M&I Bank building. At the far right is a sliver of the Regions Bank building, more of which you see below.

A more distant view of the above -- encompassing all of the Regions building and adding yet another spire on the fire left appears below.

North of those structures is the skyline captured in the three frames below, also captured from East Street north of New York Street. The first is a long-range view dominated by the twin Riley Towers apartment complex. The other structures I don't recognize, but they certainly contribute to a wild juxtaposition from this angle.

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