Friday, August 7, 2009

Yet another storm ...

Central Indiana was rocked with a wicked rainstorm Tuesday, and these images are just a tiny morsel of the outcome. I realize this pales in comparison to other damage I've read about and even seen -- contractors already were doing roof repairs within a block or so of my home two days afterward. These images are just a way of reflecting the storm's ramifications in my very small world.

The garden images are from my backyard; the winds leveled all my blue buttons, but as it turned out, the blues in the circular garden (above) protected the zinias in the center. The zinias in the genus garden (below) had no such protection, and the tall-stemmed raspberry-colored blooms -- like the more frail blues -- were sitting ducks. Leveled.

Nearby in the park, a low branch on a tree near the park access (below, bottom) was split.

Above: The blue buttons and zinias in the genus garden. Zinias toward the front managed to stay upright; not so those behind the blues. Cucumbers, low to the ground on the left, were unaffected.

Above: Another view of the circular garden. The blues took the hit for the zinias.

Above and below: The tree in the park.

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