Monday, August 10, 2009

These sandmen are also sculptors

The "sculptures" you see pictured here are made of sand, and they have been under development in Garfield Park in Indianapolis since mid-July.

They are part of the Pirate Sand Adventure project, which began when IndyParks dumped 200 tons of sand in a fenced-off area adjacent to the Garfield Parks Art Center. There, sand sculptors were to spend the next month creating six enormous works of sand art using a pirate theme, including a 100-ton pirate ship.

Surrounding the ship will be five 20-ton sand sculptures featuring other pirate-related themes, including “Treasure Map Island,” “Sea Creature Attack,” and “Mermaid Cove.” There will also be a giant treasure chest to which the public can add “doubloons” created out of sand.

Be warned; there is paid admission to get inside the fenced off area. However, the fence is chain-link, so you can see through it. You just can't get up close and personal to appreciate the detail. Like me; I shot all of these through the fence.


  1. These are incredible! Thank you for sharing. How did you get rid of the fence??

  2. Thanks! Re the fence ... I wedged the lens between the link openings as well as I could. I was mostly good that way for the straight-on shots, but the angled shots picked up metal vignette from the fence, so I tried to crop those out.