Friday, July 24, 2009

A short trip to the Downtown canal

A chance trip to Downtown Indianapolis on a rare midweek day off Thursday -- and a whim to bring along my pocket camera when I left the house to head downtown -- resulted in these photographs of various points along the Indianapolis canal.

The several miles of canal on the west side of Downtown is a much-visited and much-photographed landmark in Indianapolis. I've seen images of the canal from so many angles, at night, dawn and dusk, and quite a few images enhanced in post-processing by photographers using Photoshop editing software to produce fine art visuals of the various scenes there.

So I post these images with a significant degree of humility, as these are only slightly tweaked in post-processing and captured in jpeg format (not the usual RAW I take on my digital SLR) on my Pentax Optio Z10 compact camera.

Even though I've been to the Downtown canal before, it had been quite a while since my last visit. Certainly since before I bought my first digital SLR camera, which was in 2004. My visit Thursday helped me better understand the canal's attraction to visitors and sightseers, photographers, noon-hour workers seeking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the office, and joggers, walkers and other recreationalists.

(Above) A look down on one of the fountains, from an elevated overlook.

In the section of the canal that I walked, I came across several fountains that were set back from the pedestrian paths, and I was struck by their size, volume of streams and the streams' ferocity. I took pictures of that, which you see here. I also wanted to get some images of people within the canal landscape. Finally, I noticed an interesting "peek" of the top of the OneAmerica insurance building from one spot along the canal path.

I plan to return to the canal soon -- with my DSLR gear -- to spend more time, seek out more creative images and report back here with my results.

(Above) I snapped this image within 15 seconds after the one of the jogger at the very top of this post. For some reason, this fountain was drawing a lot of attention -- from those with and without cameras!

(Above) A visitor resting on a bench along the east side of the canal path.

(Above) An interesting ivy-adorned building along the west side of the canal path.

(Above) My compact did a nice job capturing the ferocity of the fountain stream.

(Above) An ivy-covered pedestrian bridge over the canal. The light-colored structure in the background is the OneAmerica building.

(Above) Two people sharing a quad-wheeled non-motorized vehicle for two.

(Above) Another angle of the ferocious fountain spray.

(Above) A pedestrian, just as he slides behind some tree foliage.

(Above) The "peek" at the top of the OneAmerica building, which was known for the longest time as the American United Life (AUL).

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