Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fountain Square gallery now open

Now open at my galleries is the latest in my Indianapolis "Neighborhoods" series, Fountain Square. This addition, at least at first, is distinguished from the others in that it features predominantly monochrome conversions (and all black and white) of images taken on a recent visit to the well-known area's merchants district on the Near-Southside of Indianapolis.

Four of the images in the new gallery are seen here, including the familiar view (above) of the large, four-floor structure at the point of Prospect and Shelby streets and Virginia Avenue, and the landmark former G.C. Murphy discount store (below).

The contrasts in the monochromes were enhanced slightly in post-processing in hopes of making them better reflect the "look" of black-and-white images of the district's golden era. Four of the images in the new gallery also reflect application of a reverse (negative) transparency filter. I thought such a glam-like treatment would be especially appropriate for an outside shot of the nightclub Radio Radio. Also getting the reverse transparency treatment are shots of the Mexican Grill exterior and St. Patrick's Catholic Church steeple tower and a closeup of the tri-panel billboard atop the building above.

At some point in the near future, I do plan to drop the original, color versions of the images into a separate folder at the site. I also plan to return to Fountain Square and shoot frames elsewhere in the neighborhood for inclusion in those folders.

But for now, enjoy the virtual stroll through the Fountain Square business district.

Link to "Neighborhoods - Fountain Square -- Monochrome"

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