Monday, July 13, 2009

Edward's Drive-In: A Southside landmark

While returning home from shooting some pictures of Julie Young's book signing at Bookmama's in Irvington (see previous post), I drove past a Southside landmark: Edward's Drive-In at the northwest corner of Sherman Drive and Raymond Street. Rain was falling hard, but the purple eminating from the drive-in's arched doorway proved too much to resist. I pulled into the parking lot and fired off a half-dozen or so pictures.

Edward's is a "phoenix rising from the ashes" story, as it was seriously damaged by fire some years ago, then rebuilt and reopened. The sight of Edward's, perhaps best-known for its $4.79 jumbo tenderloin, and its purple neon archway standing out against the heavily overcast, rainy day, was striking.

So I snapped these pictures -- of the facade from the street and detail shots of the two convertibles adorning the side of the building. The rain was pelting down heavily enough at the time that I feared moisture would get onto the lens. So I rushed the detail shot of the pink convertible and neglected to properly position myself to include the face of the blonde driver. Instead, she is blocked by the rear-view mirror. (Some might joke that was poetic justice? Or not.) Maybe you can make it out in the long range shot (below).


  1. Whenever I need a corndog fix and am on the southside, this is where I go! There tenderloins are huge, but then again it would be anti-Indiana to have it any other way :)

  2. The best Edward's experience is as a drive-in. Don't dine in. Stay in your car.