Sunday, May 24, 2009

Violet lilies and pink roses

Summer flower season is actually upon us, even though we're still a few weeks away from the official change of seasons.

So I went out into my yard yesterday and captured the violet lilies you see with this post. While out there, I noticed the bountiful pink rose blooms on my next-door-neighbor's rose bush, and took some frames of those, also sampled here.

Later this summer, I hope to enjoy two "new" annuals in my garden, both started from seed and already showing about two-inch-tall seedlings: Violet bachelor buttons (blue boy) and "purple prince" zinnias, which -- looking at the image on the seed package -- look more like raspberry or magenta than purple.

I planted the seeds in my circular garden, putting the zinnias in the center and the blue boys along the rim to surround the zinnias. So I'm curious what the raspberry/violet colorfest will look like when the blooms arrive, hopefully sometime next month.


  1. wow..these are great for flower arrangements!

  2. I love Violet, one of my favorite colors