Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Making it easier to comment

Hello, everyone. A quick note to mention that, effective yesterday, restrictions on making comments on individual posts here have been eased so that people may now post comments without having to register first with Google and/or In fact, you can even leave comments anonymously, although I would prefer if you could identify yourself(selves) somehow.

I decided to do this in light of how some folks were having some difficulty with the comments area. Either they were having trouble finding the spot where comments could be made (it does seem to get lost at the bottom of each post right along with the post tags) or they had reservations about having to register first with Google/ before leaving comments. The latter I certainly understand; I wasn't a strong fan of forcing people to register, but I didn't realize I had the authority to ease that restriction until just this week. I'm still somewhat of a rookie at this blogging stuff!

Allowing anonymous comments could open the door to objectionable and offensive remarks, I suppose, but I'm hoping visitors here -- at least for the short term (and hopefully, the long term) -- are civil and respectful sorts. Besides, this blog still is in its infancy stage and we probably don't have many mean-spirited sorts doing drop-bys. I reserve the right to revisit this decision if I prove to be wrong!

I hope this makes things easier for all of you who have been kind enough to stop by and appreciate what I've been trying to do with this still relatively new venture.

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