Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Guardian of the snowcovered alley

Above documents a brief encounter of the feline species I had in an alley not far from my house this afternoon, my first opportunity to get out and document the recent snow blitz that came through Central Indiana.

Actually, I've seen the stray before, but it doesn't usually hang around very long. The moment after I snapped this photo and made a step toward it in hopes of getting a closer shot (not to mention it was on the way to my house!), it high-tailed it out of there in the direction of the open snowpath behind it. I shot this with my Canon Rebel 300D equipped with an EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS telephoto lens, at maximum focal length, with image stabilization engaged.

I'll be posting a few other frames from today's shoot in the days ahead.


  1. That's a well-fed stray!

  2. "Stray" might be a bit generous of a word. Nobody actually owns the alley cat, but it trolls the neighborhood and is "cared for" (read: fed) by many of the neighbors during its rounds. But you're observation is on target!

  3. A cat is always something beautiful. And you do not observe the cat, the cat is watching you. And it is no coincidence.