Sunday, January 4, 2009

Photographs as art:

Winter scenes as paintings II

In a previous post, I mentioned an ongoing project I'm working on -- using software editing filters to explore how some of the landscape and vista images in my portfolio appear as works of fine art on canvas, such as paintings, chalk drawings and watercolors. Above and below are two more photos from the Jan. 8, 2005, "Winterscapes" shoot, and both are streets scenes from my neighborhood that Saturday morning. (The brick house you see on the right in the photo above is where the gentleman in burgundy short-sleeve shirt and sweatpants was shoveling snow in a photo that I included in a previous post on the Winterscapes shoot.) For both of the images in this post, I applied a long-painting-stroke filter to copies of the original images to effect this canvas-on-easel look; it was the same filter used in the two frames you saw in my previous post, also from the Jan. 8, 2oo5, shoot.

I'm currently working on using such filters on copies of some of my autumn vista photographs; I'll be uploading those to my Fototime gallery in the near future; a link to that gallery can be found below and is always available in the "My Favorite Sites" list on the right side of the Photo Potpourri home page.

To see more examples of "Winterscapes" images transformed with software edit filters, visit the "Winterscapes - art textures" folder at

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