Saturday, January 17, 2009

'The Genius of Photography'

A 'don't miss' series on Ovation TV

The Ovation TV network (Channel 157 on Dish satellite and Channel 274 on DIRECTV; check your local listings for the network's availability on cable television) is running several installments this month of the excellent BBC series "The Genius of Photography."

Check Ovation's schedule guide for dates and times, but I can tell you this much: This month's installments will be aired and repeated on only three days -- this coming Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (Jan. 19, 20, 21).

I saw three of the shows for the first time last month and am glad I thought to record them on my DVR, because I plan to revisit them periodically. They deal primarily with photography's origins, influences and master photographers. It's something anyone with a strong interest in the craft of creating images should look in on. Check back in early February to see when any of the others will air.

In addition to checking Ovation's schedule guide, you may want to visit the BBC Web site on the series to read more about it.

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