Thursday, January 22, 2009

Garfield statue not dead yet

Before posting the item on the James Garfield statue Tuesday, I'd submitted a follow-up inquiry with IndyParks, which maintains all the parks in the Indianapolis system.

Here's the reply I received:

"Thanks for following up on the statue. It is currently awaiting restoration and has been moved indoors to protect it from the elements from further damage.

"There are many projects across the Indy Parks system similar to this statue that await renewal and maintenance upgrades that depend on funding. (The statue along the drive as you enter the Conservatory is one such project.)

"There are many supporters of our arts programs here at parks that we hope we will be able to look to to assist us with projects such as repairing the James Garfield statue at Garfield Park. We are super excited about the opportunity to improve the parks system and expand our successful programming. We hope we will find the funding soon to repair the James Garfield statue and return it to its rightful home."

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  1. is the facebook page of your artist