Thursday, December 11, 2008

Not just another photo blog ... or, is it?

Cameras, lights ... I could say "action" here to complete this cliche, but instead I'll say ... lenses.

Welcome to the debut post of Photo Potpourri, a blog, both serious and light (although perhaps not simultaneously), about all things photography by someone who doesn't profess to be an expert.

I know, I know. You're thinking, "Oh, wow. Just what I didn't need!"

I won't quibble about the fact there are blogs aplenty out there on this subject, and that many of those are very good blogs. Keep going back to those; you surely will benefit. What I hope will make this one different from the others is that Photo Potpourri is, well, it's by me. And none of the others can say that!

Ah, but seriously ... what I hope to write about and show you in the blogs and weeks ahead are simply good opportunities to brainstorm, address common concerns we face in taking and processing photographs, where to find the best deals for equipment on the Internet (an early tip: Double and even triple check unfamiliar sites promoting deep discounts on gear you've seen priced for much more at reputable sites), funny stories about a photo shooter's experiences, stories behind our favorite pictures ... and maybe even a laugh or two from you, if you're eager and willing to join the conversation.

My father was big about recording family events in still photographs (slides) and movie film. For most kids, being photographed is a drag; something you probably don't appreciate as much as you do -- or will -- when you get older and have kids yourself. I'm at the place -- and perhaps many of you are there now, too -- where my father was some 50 years ago. The dawn of the industry's digital age, and its swift advancement in just a few short years this decade, has made me a hobbyist and enthusiast.

For my first funny story (not necessarily "ha ha" funny, though) ... I'll mention how, even though this appears as my first official post, it's actually my second. My inaugural draft actually made it as far as getting published, but somewhere in the attempt to edit something, I apparently inadvertenly clicked on the DELETE button instead of EDIT. Ouch. But I think it ends up being your gain, because I wasn't entirely happy with the way it read. I'll try to keep these short and sweet ... or, as we used to say in college, a "token" (when we didn't want to stay long at a party at which we didn't expect to have much fun, we'd always say "let's make this a token" (as in "a token appearance"). All right ... so maybe that's not so funny. Ha, ha or not.

Feel free to comment, launch a debate or simply embellish anything you might see lacking. I just ask that you do so with respect and dignity for everyone who contributes.

Beginning with me! *wink*

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